Our Pricing

Our Pricing

We believe in honest, simple, and transparent pricing. As a handyman service which can perform thousands of potential jobs ranging from 5 minute fixes to week-long projects, it can be a challenge to provide simple and consistent pricing for everyone. Depending on the size and type of the job, we employ one of several different methods for labor pricing. Below, we lay it out as simply as possible:

  1. Parts & materials: unlike most handyman services, we do not inflate part costs or include bits of labor in part / material costs. Instead, we bill our customers our cost for parts & materials, and we encourage you to obtain parts & materials through us in order to ensure the most appropriate and highest quality parts & materials can be used for the job.
  2. Smaller, standard jobs: most of the jobs we perform are detailed in the XactRemodel pricing guide, an industry-standard pricing reference for home services vendors.
  3. Smaller, non-standard jobs: for smaller jobs not detailed within our bluebook, we apply a standard hourly rate of $60 / hour.
  4. Larger projects: for larger projects including projects for realtors and property managers, we can invoice you and provide an estimate featuring detailed pricing before work begins.
  5. Trip charge: all initial service calls are subject to a $40 trip charge to compensate for the handyman’s gas and time.

Our pricing guarantee: never any surprises or hidden costs.

Payment methods: we accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

“The fine print”

Remote locations: Our service area covers Cobb and Cherokee counties and cities residing within 25mi of Canton, GA. If your location falls outside of this service area your service call may be subject to a higher trip charge to compensate for the handyman’s gas and time spent driving to your location.

Emergency /holiday service: Our standard operating hours after Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm. For service calls scheduled outside our operating hours, all Bluebook and hourly jobs are subject to a 1.5x price increase.

Parking: We cover parking fees up to $10. Please let us know if parking is hard to find in your area.

You will be notified in advance if any of the above “fine print” applies to your service call.

Have questions about our pricing? We’re happy to answer them — shoot us an e-mail or give us a call: (770) 783-3336