About our company

Who is Trilogy Handyman?

Trilogy Handyman began as Trilogy Environmental Services, with over 25 years experience in Commercial and Residential Cleaning, Construction, Maintenance, Restoration, & Remediation. Our objective is to help our local community with property issues. We serve Cobb and Cherokee counties and cities within a 25mi radius of Canton, GA. Our pricing is competitive and we look forward to serving your home improvement needs.

The meaning behind trilogy constitutes the three parts of our process: Cleaning, Restoration and Construction. Cleaning is an essential part of our process, taking place both before and after most jobs. A clean work space is essential for a clear mind, and we make sure to always leave our work space clean and ready to use for our customers. The three parts together represent the Maintenance process which keeps assets and investments viable.

What makes Trilogy different?

  • Accountable: call us during business hours and you’ll be connected with a local handyman, not a call menu or call center representative.
  • Affordable: we’re a no-frills handyman service with limited overhead and little advertising, which allows us to complete jobs more affordably than the competition.
  • Convenient: we’re simple to reach, easy to talk to, and same-day handyman service is often available. Call us or request service online.
  • Dedicated: we’re a local, family-owned, handyman-run operation, dedicated to serving the needs of homeowners in Cobb and Cherokee counties.

Trilogy can handle small handyman repairs or more expansive, multi-day projects including home renovation, remodeling, add-ons and construction.

Need to schedule handyman service? Call us at (770) 783-3336 or request service online.